Monday, September 19, 2011

Timing Belt / Water Pump. How Much would it cost?

I drive a 2002 Saturn L300, V6 engine.

My car is needing a timing belt and maybe a water pump change, but at the same time I am on a tight budget.

Around how much would it cost to change those items?

And are there any shops out there that has a military discount?Timing Belt / Water Pump. How Much would it cost?Expect to spend at least $800. This is actually a Saab/Opel engine. The timing belt kit alone is about $340. If you are clever and can find a Continental timing belt kit, it is around $200. The Water pump from HEPU, the best euro pump maker, is around $80. It takes a handful of special tools to install the belt and pulley assembly. An estimate at Saturn for a friend of mine that waited too long and bent a few vaolves, was $4200 with new heads, gaskets, timing belt ($104 at Saturn dealer). CHANGE THE BELT before it breaks!!!!!Timing Belt / Water Pump. How Much would it cost?Between $450-550 sounds about right. Make sure you change both of them at the same time. It will save you in labor later on. You'll also have your seals replaced when they do this. That'll help prevent oil leaks from them. Military discounts? There are quite a few shops that will od it. I don't recall where I've seen them off hand but I've 10-15% off military discounts before. The $200 mentioned by the previous answer could not have been for both items. Just the water pump I believe. The timing belt alone is over $200 and that's just for the part.Timing Belt / Water Pump. How Much would it cost?A couple hundred, maybe a thousand.

I honestly don't know.

On another note, I read your question about not being able to point your foot up after soccer. Exact same thing is happening to me right now, would you mind telling me what was wrong?Timing Belt / Water Pump. How Much would it cost?For me it was about 200.00, thats including labor. Look up the parts at, and then add about 80.00 an hour for labor. Maybe that will give you a good estimate.

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