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How do you change a timing belt on a 2001 dodge stratus?

i have a 2001 dodge stratus and the timing belt broke, #1 how difficult is it to change? #2 should the water pump also be replaced too?How do you change a timing belt on a 2001 dodge stratus?you need to replace the timing belt with the tension-er ,they make timing kit that you buy that comes with everything needed to do this with,and you need a good repair manual,because it will explain this job real good and will also give you illustrated pictures of how its done,and its not easy to do on that car,if it has the 2.4 in it you in for big job,i did one a while back and it takes all day as fast as you can work to get this one done and back together and running again,and there a real pain to get back in time also,there's to many marks to line up that you could easily get of without pics of how its done,get a good haynes repair manual they offer the best pics and advice on how to do this one,and you need to replace the water pump as well while you got it off,good luck.How do you change a timing belt on a 2001 dodge stratus?On some, most, you have to remove the engine to replace the timing belt. On some cars you do not. I don't believe you have to on your Dodge.

One thing you need to keep in mind and watch for. When some cars break a timing belt, it also can cause internal damage to your car, like a broken valve.

There are 2 types of engines and they are called %26quot;Interference%26quot; and %26quot;Non-interference%26quot;. An engine designated as an %26quot;Interference%26quot; engine, there is not sufficient clearance between some engine parts, so when the timing belt brakes, you can usually expect internal problems as well.

Here is a list of engine that ARE Interference engines to see if yours is listed: 2.0 DOHC (Double Over-Head Cam), 2.4 SOHC and DHOC, 2.5 V-6, 3.0 DOHC and 3.2 DOHC. If you have one of those engines, expect internal damage.

Should your engine have to be removed to replace the timing belt, it will cost you around $1,000. Hard to quote a price from different states. If you have internal damage, it could mean a new engine.

If you have a Non-interference engine and you are able to replace it yourself, yest, replace the Water Pump. If I had the engine out, I probably would also change the oil pump. An oil pump that goes out down the highway will ruin your engine before you can get stopped.

If the engine has to be pulled and you take it to a dealer, and you have a Non-interference engine, let him know that you are aware of what you are talking about. Don't want him to feed you garbage.How do you change a timing belt on a 2001 dodge stratus?The chrysler 2.4 DOHC motor isn't an interference motor. Not sure if the SOHC 2.4, 2.7, or SOHC 3.0 used in stratus' are.

I would change the waterpump along with the timing belt tensioner.

For example, I swapped a 96 Stratus 2.4 motor into my neon. The motor had 36k and prone to failure headgasket. So I installed an updated headgasket. A year later, I had to replace the waterpump. It would have been alot easier had I done it while the motor was still on the stand.

Here is a good link on the best timing belt tensioner for the Chrysler I4 motors.

I know money can be tight for people. This is one of those times that being cheap can cost you more in the long run.

This job is tough. You need a strong puller for the crank pulley. Probably need some heat to help. To help time the motor, make a tool to lock the cams in place. There are holes in the cam just for this.

In my neon, it would have been faster and easier to remove the motor. But I'm experienced enough to have the motor out/in of the car within a few hours.
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  • How can i tell the difference between an 8v and a 16v 1996 p reg 1.6 ls astra?

    i have to change the water pump on my 1996 1.6ls astra and i dont know how to work out if its an 8v or 16vHow can i tell the difference between an 8v and a 16v 1996 p reg 1.6 ls astra?If you don't know how to tell the difference, you shouldn't even be trying to change the water pump as it is driven by the cambelt. Get this job wrong and your car is fit only for a garden ornament. 8V has the spark plug leads at the front of the engine, and the top is thin and silver. The 16V has a squarish black plastic cover running side to side and the spark plugs are under this. To reiterate. If you don't know this, take it to a local mechanic, or if you are in South Yorkshire, I could do it for you.....How can i tell the difference between an 8v and a 16v 1996 p reg 1.6 ls astra?The most definitive way would be to remove the valve cover. It's a four cylinder car and should take about five minutes to remove. Then you can just count the rocker arms or cam lobes on the camshaft.How can i tell the difference between an 8v and a 16v 1996 p reg 1.6 ls astra?It should be on your paper work, or look at the metal plate under the bonnet.How can i tell the difference between an 8v and a 16v 1996 p reg 1.6 ls astra?one camshaft pulley =8v two pulleys =16v i would think its 8v

    How much is a tune up,water pump and all weather tires?

    This is my first car- it's a 1989 cheverolet cavalier. I just recently got an oil change and a leak fixed and they discovered the water pump also needs replacing. It probably needs a tune up, an alignment for sure and new front tires.

    I was just wondering what some ballpark prices would be to get those things taken care of since I've never had anything to do with cars before. Thanks!How much is a tune up,water pump and all weather tires?water pump about $30.00 spark plugs and wires about $40.00 tires about $65.00 each and a front end alingment about $70.00 at your local garage and to have it all done your looking at about $300How much is a tune up,water pump and all weather tires?well realy they shoul dhave told you that when you was there but you can call any three places knowing what you need and ask.. to get a better deal and really sounds if you didnt check the car out much or very well seeing its needing all the work to drive it.. but anyways calling a few places even the place you was at and ask how much to replace will do it prices will vary between shops an d the work done is why its best to cal a round How much is a tune up,water pump and all weather tires?$500+ shop around.

    I saw small drops of Coolant under my car this morning, not by the hoses, could it be Water Pump?

    On my 1991 Olds Calais 2.5L %26quot;Iron Duke%26quot; 2.5L Tech4, i noticed small drops of Coolant dripping by where the Pulleys are, NOT THE HOSES, after 5 minutes of car warming up. I wonder if i need to do my Water Pump %26quot;Soon,%26quot; As it does NOT seem to be the Hoses, and MAY disappear a slight Coolant level drop, that happened fairly consistently (nothing major, but every week or two i noticed the coolant in the tank may have gone down by an inch, or slightly less. I did just flush it and its all bled and mixed.)

    I dont know when the Water Pump was last changed, if ever, and i also read my Engine does NOT have a Timing Belt OR Chain, which is weird.

    Is the Water Pump a Prime Suspect here? How much longer do i have, before it goes? I can change it at the end of the month..

    Thanks!I saw small drops of Coolant under my car this morning, not by the hoses, could it be Water Pump?If the drips seem to be centered bellow the pump or where the fan attacheds to the engine block, you very well may be right. Often the water pump and/or gasket there can fail.I saw small drops of Coolant under my car this morning, not by the hoses, could it be Water Pump?yes it is the water pump, you got to jack the car up and put another jack on the oil pan with a wood block for support, take front passenger wheel off and take off all belts,take off front and right engine mont bracket, drop engine 6 inches,pull off all belts, and harmonic balancer, disconect ac pum

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    I saw small drops of Coolant under my car this morning, not by the hoses, could it be Water Pump?It sounds like the water pump.There is a gland hole in the casting and when the water pump bearing starts to wear the seal leaks and water comes out of that gland.You should change the pump straight awayI saw small drops of Coolant under my car this morning, not by the hoses, could it be Water Pump?Well Bink, it could be the water pump, it could be the thermostat housing, it could be a leaking hose, caused by a lose clamp ! Check freeze plugs, but if it's at the front of the engine, I doupt

    it !

    I just changed my thermostat and my water pump but when i turned on the car the check engine came on i used my?

    OBD2 scan tool and it gave me a error code P0118 i checked the Engine Coolant Temperature sensor wire to check the voltage and it was pushing out 5 volts as it has to. do i need to change it? and another thing how many coolant sensors does a Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0L V6 have?I just changed my thermostat and my water pump but when i turned on the car the check engine came on i used my?Do you have a temp guage? Is it running hot? You may need to bleed air out of the system. On or near the thermostat should be a bleeder screw. With engine off and cool, remove the screw and pour water into your radiator till it runs out of the bleeder hole. Then put the screw back in. Hope this helps. Good Luck.I just changed my thermostat and my water pump but when i turned on the car the check engine came on i used my?I would let it cycle through the heating %26amp; cooling cycle a few times,[ the error ] could correct itself and may have been triggered by your maintenance . Just be sure you got all the air out of the system and you should be fine.I just changed my thermostat and my water pump but when i turned on the car the check engine came on i used my?What year Cherokee. 4.0 is a straight or inline 6. Did you leave something unplugged.

    I was going to look it up in Mitchell but I need the year. I think theres 2 temp sensors, one in the head and one in the jug or radiator but I need the year!!!

    Good Luck, get the Year and I'll help more!!!!

    How to bleed a 1997 ford taurus cooling system?

    ok i just changed the water pump on my 1997 ford taurus the water pump impellers were completely rusted away and we filled the system with water so we could flush everything out of the system and we cant seem to find a bleeder screw anywhere on the engine also there is no way to fit up the radiator seperatly we have to dump everything in the coolant recovery tank we jacked up the front of the car and started it but we are still afraid of air bubbles in the system.How to bleed a 1997 ford taurus cooling system?that is a self bleeding system. after draining the radiator and closeing back up just put in a gal of pure antifreeze and then a gal of water do it slow then start the car and turn on the heat all the way up and finish up with pure antifreeze, as it burps itself it will let any extra out the cap. that car is designed that way.How to bleed a 1997 ford taurus cooling system?there's usually 5 bleeder screws:

    2 on the left side of the block, near the bottom

    2 on the right side of the block, also near the bottom

    1 on the radiator, on the bottom usually on the right side.

    Don't worry about bubbles and make sure to run the engine once you have it filled with the water to engage the cleaning process. Make sure you use Prestone Cooling System cleaner or a similar product!
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  • How often should I do water changes?

    I prepare and treat the water leave it to stand for at least 24hrs, then take 10% out and clean the filter sponge etc but after about 5 to 6 days its clouding up again surely I don't need to change the water so frequently. My tank is an Aqua 40 with a pump and filter that sticks to the side of the tank if that helps. Just done a water change and tank looks crystal clear but for how long?How often should I do water changes?After 30 years of aquarium experience I would say that you have a fairly new tank or you are overfeeding. New tanks cloud up because they have no beneficial bacteria to eat the waste. If you over feed the same thing happens because there is not enough bacteria to eat the extra food. Contrary to popular belief aquariums need some waste in them to function as ponds and that takes time to build up this balence. When I set up a new tank I let it run for 1 month without putting fish in it just to let it settle. After that, for the first year I add cheap fish because the tank still is 'new' and chances are they will die. After the first year there now is a sort of balance so you could try to start growing easy to grow plants and adding other harder to keep fish. A tank really is not settled until after the second year. It is good to change 10-15% of the water every 90 days but water changes are overrated. I have an AQ that has had only up to 20% of the water changed every 3 months and it has been going for 15 years. Water problems come from people not understanding how to upkeep their aquariums (overfeeding, overcrowding, non-removal of excess waste, lack of adequate filtration, ect) rather than being a necessity. I also found that every tank is different, some fish do great in some of my tanks and other fish do great in others, same for plants.How often should I do water changes?i got fish as well and change 10% of the water every two weeks and clean out the filter that's what the man at the shop saidHow often should I do water changes?I believe you should change it weekly!How often should I do water changes?you might want to get a better fiter it should not clound up like that get a extra one thats under the stones you shouldnt have to change the water for a few monthsHow often should I do water changes?Once a month, 50/50 water change taking the water off the bottom of the tank with a special tool. It looks like a water bottle with the bottom cut off attached to a hose. When you start draining the water into a bucket, you push this tool down into the gravel and it churns the gravel and removes fecal and food particles without sucking up your gravel. By taking the water off the bottom of the tank, you are removing the most nitrites and nitrates in the tank since this is where they reside. Try it... it will work!How often should I do water changes?if you leave the light on all the time that makes water cloudy only use lite 4 no more then 2 hours at night timeHow often should I do water changes?put marble rocks at the bottom it will helpHow often should I do water changes?i do a 25% water change as i have 2 very big walking catfish ( Meat Eaters ) and are very tank is 6x6x2 feet.

    But for you 10% every week with water conditioner would be just fine , Clean your sponge filter out every month in old tank water NOT water form the tap .

    Some tanks can take weeks to settle down , Leave yours for a week with everything turned up ....pumps / filters / heater etc..

    the water will clear in time .... dont rush it... then do a water test and see how things are going ..How often should I do water changes?cloudy is because the are no bacteria.. can go and buy bacteria in pet shop or get some old filther sponge from aqua frens, and put into ur filter and run few days, the cloudiness will gone..

    at this moment (i mean until the water get clear), then only change half of water, wait one more day, then you can bring fish home ~~!!

    oh a note here, don take out or wash sponge this time, let the bactiria get active through out ur filter....How often should I do water changes?a least once a week maybe even two times a weekHow often should I do water changes?every 15 days. take half of the water in the tank, put more water in, turn the filter on, leave it on for at least 10 hours for best results, add water clear tablets,aqua safe, and one of those liquids that clear cloudy water and PRESTO it's clear!How often should I do water changes?only put about 1-2 fish in and try that if it doesn't work ask someone at a petstoreHow often should I do water changes?about every two weeks or soHow often should I do water changes?I have a 20 gallon fish tank, and I usually change about 5 gallons of it every 4-5 seems to keep it clean and clearHow often should I do water changes?The frequency of water changes depends primarily on rate of nitrate accumulation in your tank. The type and quantity of fish also plays a large role as does tank size. Also certain fish are messy or produce more waste than other fish.

    A fully stocked tank with messy fish (example 10gal with a trio of gold fish in it) will need more frequent and larger water changes than a lightly stocked tank (example, a 180-gal with a dozen neon tetras).

    Also some fish are more tolerant of poor water conditions and can exist in tanks with few water changes, while others require prestine water conditions and large frequent water changes are required (discus, rams, frontosa, etc).

    25% weekly is a good interval to practice. Basically you want to keep nitrates below 40ppm. Depending on your tank size and fish, 10% weekly might be adequate, or maybe 30% three times a week, each tank is different.

    When washing filter sponges and other media, always do so in dechlorinated water so you don't wipe out your beneficial bacteria colony.How often should I do water changes?once a weekHow often should I do water changes?maybe the sponge in the pump needs cleaning or u need a new one i do mine every 2 weeks take a quarter of the water out and top back up again, or maybe your pump is not big enough for the tank so it cant cope or you have too many fish in it.